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FIVE80NINE WEBDESIGN, herein known as "589", provides services including but not limited to web design, web hosting and web management. By "purchasing" a membership plan from 589 you are a "member" and you accept and agree to the terms below(the "Terms of Use" or "TOU") as a legal contract between you and 589. 589 may ammend or change the terms of the contract at any given time and these terms will be applicable to any member of 589.

If you do not accept and agree to all provisions of the TOU, now or in the future, you may reject the TOU by immediately terminating your account with 589.


By purchasing a "package" from 589, you are "purchasing" a license(or the right) to access all of the "benefits" included in that particular package. Everything that is included in every package belongs to 589, which includes but is not limited to the web page, domain and web page content. As long as your account stays in good standing(pays the full amount due every month) as a member, you will have access to the benefits. As a member, you authorize 589 to charge your credit card on file every month when the membership fees are due.


589 will terminate all benefits if member fails to pay the monthly payment after 15 days from the original due date. If member wishes to reinstate his or her account then member must pay the amount owed from the previous month and from the current month and continue to pay the monthly payments on time.

Member may terminate his or her account by contacting 589 by phone, e-mail, or in person. Once the account has been terminated, all benefits will be forfeited and member will no longer have access to them. If member wishes to reinstate his or her account, he or she may contact 589 and continue to make monthly payments.

Once an account has been terminated, member status becomes "non-member" and will have no access to benefits. All benefits including but not limited to web page, domain, web design, web content belong to 589. Non-member may "buy" certain benefits from 589 including webpage, webpage content and domain. When non-member buys these benefits, non-member becomes the rightful owner of those benefits.


589 does not offer refunds on web page creation after 3 days of initial purchase. 589 will not refund your one-time fee, but 589 may refund member for the monthly payments before 3 days of initial purchase.


589 collects website visitor information used solely for the purpose of better understanding its members. 589 does not share visitor with information with any third-party. If you do not agree or consent to having your information collected, leave this website immediately.